Veteran teacher fired after calling students “losers” on Facebook

Paula Weckesser is a veteran teacher, whose career spans some 30 years.  Thanks to her antics, however, she will be taking an extended, involuntary break from her profession.  She was recently fired, and lost her teaching license for two years thanks, in no small part, to her attacking her own students on Facebook.

“On social media, Weckesser posted a response to a student’s comment on Facebook and called other students “Loser!!” on the page, according to the decision.”

However, this alone wasn’t the only factor in the decision to let her go.  It appears that her in-class behavior had become a mixture of the lax and the disturbing.

“In one instance, Weckesser ridiculed a student whose native language is not English after the student was unable to read numbers off a calculator, according to the state board decision.

Weckesser also was continually tardy, failed to complete her grade book according to district standards and allowed her cellphone to go off while students were taking a state exam, the decision said.”

According to the board, Ms. Weckesser expressed remorse over her behavior and this factored into their decision to suspend, rather than revoke, her license.


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