Volunteer firefighter out after calling for return of slavery

A volunteer firefighter in Dell Rapids, SD has been booted from the department after a racist Facebook comment in which he suggested that slavery needed to be re-instituted.

John Nygaard happened upon a Facebook post of a news article about a young woman recently expelled from Kansas State University over a viral Snapchat post in she sent out in what was, in essence, blackface with the caption “Feels good to finally be a n*gga”.

It appears that Nygaard was bothered that the student was expelled over this incident and decided to share his thoughts on the situation:

It took little time for the comments to make their way around the small Dell Rapids community and to the attention of the fire department, who wasted little time in relieving him of duty. After his termination, the department issued a statement via its Facebook page:

“John is no longer a member of our volunteer organization. Dell Rapids fire would like to apologize on behalf of our former member for his insensitive and narrow-minded comments on Facebook. This is something we take very seriously and this type of thinking will not be tolerated by our members.”

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