Wisconsin man cited for faulty Facebook post

Let this story serve as a warning to would be internet vigilantes.

The Grant County Wisconsin Sheriff Nate Dreckman says that Nathaniel Parker went too far with a Facebook post, crossing the line to harassment.

The situation started with a verbal altercation between Parker and three men.  However, it didn’t end there.  Parker took the fight online.  He apparently knew the men.  So, Parker went to their Facebook pages and posted their names and profile pictures on his page, claiming that the men had physically assaulted an elderly man.  As a result, the men began receiving death threats.

It turns out that there was an elderly man involved in this incident.  However, investigators say that, in their conversation with the gentleman, he stated that no physical attack occurred.

This led the police to conclude that Parker’s side of the story was less than credible.  As a result, he was cited for the unlawful use of a computer. The sheriff’s office says this was the first time they have issued such a citation.

According to Sheriff Dreckman, “There are consequences for certain types of speech. You have to understand you just can’t arbitrarily post whatever you want wherever you want and not expect some consequences.”

An opinionated technologist, JP launched Death By Social Media when he saw just how easily and how often people's misunderstanding/abuse of social media created personal catastrophes. As a result, he wanted to provide a resource that would provide cautionary tales for those seeking to avoid similar fates.