Woman faces trial for shooting into her house

When anger, frustration and desperation converge, social media might not be the place to air them out.

Andrea Sheppard is a single working mother who purchased a home in March from the Detroit Land Bank Authority, which sold it to her for $1000, on the condition that she complete repairs on a certain timetable. According to Ms. Sheppard, she had already spent $5,000 on repairs. However, in October, the Detroit Land Bank Authority informed that she has not met their deadlines and put the house on schedule for demolition. The authority offered to reimburse her the $1,000 purchase price.

Can you sense the frustration building in this situation?

Well, it all came to a head on a fateful October day. While holding her child in one arm and what seems to be a pistol in another, she recorded a video in which she appeared to fire a shot into the house and posted it to Facebook.

The video was viewed over 700,000 times. She was arrested the next day.

Yesterday, Ms. Sheppard made her first court appearance, on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and reckless use of a firearm. In speaking to the press, she stated that she regrets her actions.

If there is a silver lining in all this, it may be that the gun might have only been a starter pistol. If that is the case, the charges against her could be dismissed.

Her next court date is December 15.

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