Woman who threatened to kill Muslims now seeking forgiveness, job back

It should go without saying that, with the ubiquitous nature of smart phones, your idiocy could be captured and shared with the world in an instant.  If you’ve forgotten, let Amber Hensley be your reminder.  Recently, a video of Hensley’s tirade against three Somali Muslim women went viral.  In the video, she can be seen and heard telling the women that “we’re going to kill all of ya.  Were going to kill every one of you f***ing Muslims.”


This incident all started because Hensley felt that the car the women were riding in was parked too close to hers in the lot of a Fargo, ND Walmart. By the time the video begins rolling, the two sides can be heard exchanging heated words.  However, Hensley’s threat took it over the top.

In the wake of the video going viral, Amber Hensley was fired from her job as a secretary at a local accounting firm.  Fargo police also opened an investigation into this incident.

Had the story ended here, it would be a typical story of how hotheadedness and stupidity lead to personal catastrophe.  However, there appears to be a silver lining in this story.  Amber Hensley publicly expressed her regret over her behavior and has apologized.  Sarah Hassan, who recorded and posted the video, says that she and the other women forgive her and are asking that any potential charges against Hensley be dropped. Hassan also stated that she would be getting in touch with Hensley’s former employer to ask that they rehire her.

Image courtesy of WDAY


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